Nationwide Day of Action With Nearly 125 Events in 36 States Mobilizing Thousands in Response to GOP Efforts to Strip Health Care from Millions

U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to Join “Our Lives on the Line” Rally in DC Mobilizing Against GOP Plans to Take Health Care From Millions of Americans
July 26, 2017
Health Care Advocates Launch New Ad, Host Organizing Events Urging Sen. Heller To Oppose Affordable Care Act Repeal
July 27, 2017

More Than 60 Partners Working to Hold Congressional Republicans Accountable for Votes to Repeal Affordable Care Act

On July 26, after the first vote in the U.S. Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Our Lives on the Line announced that the nationwide day of action on July 29 will now include nearly 125 events across the country. The national day of action will be a show of force against plans to strip health care from millions of Americans, with leaders from more than 60 organizations joining together to deliver a simple message to congressional Republicans: we will not forget the votes you took and your continued attacks on the health, safety, and economic stability of your constituents.

“As congressional Republicans move forward with their cruel and careless attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, we are organizing thousands of people across the country to hold representatives accountable for their votes,” said Emma Shapiro, spokesperson for Our Lives on the Line. “Instead of heeding the calls of their constituents to oppose this disastrous plan to take away their health care, Republicans are pushing through a plan that will only benefit millionaires and billionaires and corporations. On July 29, those elected representatives that voted to take away health care from millions will answer to the thousands of activists and advocates mobilizing coast to coast.”

Partners include The Women’s March, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Tax March, Organizing for Action, Indivisible,, Stand Up America, Center for American Progress Action Fund, and dozens of other organizations working to save health care for millions of Americans.

These actions won’t end on July 29th — Our Lives on the Line will continue fighting back against Republican efforts to rip away health care from millions. Individuals hoping to organize within their communities or wishing to share their own story can connect with Our Lives at

A full list of events can be found here. A full list of partners can be found here.