Groups Join Our Lives on the Line Nationwide Day of Action to Fight Senate Health Care Repeal Bill

Leading Labor Groups Join Nationwide “Our Lives on the Line” Day of Action to Defeat Senate Health Care Bill
July 11, 2017
LGBTQ Groups Join Nationwide Day of Action Against Republican Plans to Strip Health Care from Millions of Americans
July 21, 2017

Growing Coalition of over 50 Labor Unions, Progressive and Health Advocacy Organizations, Join Nationwide Day of Action to Stop the Republican Health Care Repeal Plan

On July 14, Families USA, Doctors for America, and many other groups announced that they will join the nationwide Our Lives on the Line campaign to demand that Congressional Republicans immediately drop their plan to take health care away from 22 million Americans. The 19 partners join a growing coalition of health care advocates and progressive organizations across the country taking action to stop efforts to strip health care for 22 million Americans.

In addition to Families USA and Doctors for America, new partners include: Young Invincibles, Doctors for America, Save My Care, Demand Universal Health Care, Americans for Tax Fairness, Progress Now, American Family Voices, CREDO, Main Street Alliance, State Innovation Exchange, For Our Future, Rally for Health Care, Working Families Party Network, Center for Public Representation, Health Care for America Now, National Organization of Social Security Claimants, and the Other 98%.

“The Republican Senate would strip health care coverage from millions of people. The lives of our families really are on the line! We at Families USA are proud to stand with organizations and individuals across the nation who have pledged to fight the Senate legislation – drafted in secret – by becoming a partner in the “Our Lives on the Line” nationwide day of action on July 29,” said Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi. “By making our voices heard, we can we can stop this cruel and callous proposal and ensure all our families have access to affordable, quality health care.”

“The Republican health care repeal bill cuts Medicaid and Medicare to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations,” said Americans for Tax Fairness Executive Director Frank Clemente. “It chooses millionaires over Medicaid and Medicare. The public does not want the Republican bill. They want the rich and corporations to pay their fair share.”

“TrumpCare has never been about health care at all. It is nothing but a naked attempt to cut taxes for some of the richest people the planet has ever seen, paid for by stealing healthcare away from twenty million Americans. It is an immoral plan, full stop,” said Working Families Party National Communications Director Joe Dinkin. “We won’t rest until it is defeated. In the end, the Republicans’ greedy scheme will only serve to strengthen the resolve of Americans to enshrine healthcare as a right for every American and win a single payer system to guarantee healthcare for all.”

“The fight against TrumpCare will be won on the ground, in states like Nevada and Pennsylvania where overwhelming public opposition to this bill has translated into people who have never been politically engaged before taking action in support of the ACA. Over recess it’s going to be hotter than asphalt in August for Republican Senators who’re keeping TrumpCare’s prospects alive with the suggestion that they can ‘get to yes’,” said For Our Future Action Fund Nevada State Director Artie Blanco. “Let’s be absolutely clear: no amount of ‘tweaks’ to TrumpCare will significantly change the CBO’s conclusion that tens of millions of people will be robbed of life-saving coverage and premiums will explode for older Americans. TrumpCare offers less coverage and fewer consumer health protections at a higher price – all to pay for a giant tax break for millionaires. It’s no wonder Republicans slapped it together in secret behind closed doors and can’t answer basic questions about how it improves anything. The Party of Trump may go into hiding over recess, but the real stories of those whose health security they are threatening will be heard whether they show up to town halls or not.”

“Doctors and medical students oppose efforts to rollback coverage for 22 million Americans,” said Doctors for America Chair Dr. Scott Poppen. “This may be an abstract number to lawmakers, but physicians know first hand the harm this will bring to our patients. That is why we are coming together to stand up for our values and urge lawmakers to protect patients. We know that Leader McConnell will be trying to amend this bill to placate GOP Senators who correctly she the BRCA as a disaster for their states. But we feel the approach this bill takes is so severely flawed, that it is fundamentally unfixable.”

“Across the country, the people who will be most impacted by repeal proposals and Medicaid cuts have stepped up stop the Republican effort to take away America’s health care so they can give more tax breaks to the drug and health insurance companies,” said Healthcare for America Now Co-Executive Directors Margarida Jorge and Ethan Rome. “Grassroots energy has delayed congressional action so far and we plan to keep up the pressure to stop these attacks and protect America’s health care.”

With Congressional Republicans rushing forward with their deeply unpopular plan to take away health care from millions, the fight to protect every American’s access to quality, affordable health care has never been more critical. Our Lives on the Line will bring together leaders from the progressive and health care communities to stand against the Republican repeal bill and send a clear message to Congress: our lives are on the line. On July 29, Americans in communities across this country will join forces to stand against Congressional Republicans’ draconian and rushed plan to take health care away from millions.

The national day of action will include a national event in Washington, D.C. and rallies across the country. A full list of partner organizations can be found here.